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Exploring Biodiversity at Land-Sea Interface

Documenting India's greatest treasure of coastal and marine biodiversity
for conservation and management. The database also aims in bridging taxonomy and non-taxonomists.



CoMBINe Database is built to collect, compile and project information pertaining to all species of marine life recorded along the Indian coastline to cater the needs of end users.

The extent of area coverage will be

  • Landward side : 500 m from High tide line
  • Seaward side    : 12 nautical miles from Low tide line


The database is designed as per global standards with best practices for storing, indexing and retrieval of biological data related to species available in India.

CoMBINe is built on Darwin Core 2.0 metadata standard along with DiGIR protocol.


CoMBINe Database is designed to involve students, researchers, scientists, naturalists, photographers, travel enthusiasts, etc.

Identify and recognize the diverse marine flora and fauna reported from the Indian waters.

Users can also share information accumulated by them about a particular species either by geotagging the location or by sharing more information.


CoMBINe Checklist provides taxonomic list containing a list of species documented in the Indian waters. The checklist option of combines provides the user to create a targeted checklist of any taxon and also of any coastal state of India.


Unique Species Identifier (USI)

The Unique Species Identifier (USI) is an online species identification tool based on general characters rather than dichotomous key characters used in conventional taxonomy. The whole coastal marine organisms are classified into 27 groups based on the general appearance of the organism for quick field identification.

                           Unique Species Identifier

Mobile App

CoMBINe mobile App is user-friendly with innovative UI (User Interface) designed to be easily navigated by users. The Unique Species Identifier (USI) tool makes the App interactive and interesting.

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CoMBINe provides the details of the coastal marine ecosystem maps.
These ecosystems includes


This network is a collection of active taxonomists in India and around the world.

Users have an opportunity to identify taxonomic experts and connect with them for details on species identity or other natural history based details.