Terminology Description
Terminology Description
Chin shield Shield on the central forward portion of the lower jaw
Fang Pointed elongated tooth
Frontal scale Scale present at the center of head between eyes
Infralabials Scales that border the mouth opening along the lower jaw
Maxillary bone The bone of the upper jaw which serves as a foundation of the face
Mental shield A shield at the center of lower jaw tip
Mental groove A longitudinal groove on underside of head between large, paired chin shields and smaller gular scales.
Nasal plate Plate in the head frontal region contains nasal opening
Notch An incision on an edge or surface
Palatine The palatine bones are paired bones of the skull that are situated at the back part of the nasal cavity between the maxillary bones
Parietal A bone forming the central side and upper back part of each side of the skull.
Postoculars Scales behind eye
Prefrontal Region in front of the frontal
Preocular Region in front of eye
Rostral Scales in the anterior most end of the body
Scale row Arrangement of scales along the entire body
Scales Small, thin horny or bony plates protecting the skin
Snout Region between eye and the tip of upper jaw
Supralabials Scales bordering the lateral sides of upper jaw
Supraocular Scale above the eye
Temporal Scales behind postocular
Venom A poisonous substance secreted by mouth and typically injected into prey or aggressors by biting or stinging
Ventrals Scales in the entire middle of lower side